What is a Champion Mindset?

What is a Champion Mindset?

At Oxygen the staff are constantly working to install a champion mindset into our athletes. But what is a champion mindset? Its far from winning. So you can immediately take the winning aspect out of your thoughts now. Champion mindset children & teens can use now and beyond into there adult life. Recently Oxygen hosted a Webinar and where lucky enough to have the well known athletes and now reality TV Star Tee Tee join us for a chat and his outlook on life and qualities are all fit into the perfect "Champion Mindset candidate". His success and others just like Tee Tee did not come by accident, it did not come from winning it come from over 10 years of HARD WORK having all of the qualities needed for the perfect recipe. 

How is this defined? Its summarised by 12 main qualities of champion mindset. These are our daily teaching at Oxygen and we are proud to share them with y'all. 

1- Determination – firmness of purpose.  It is making a decision then pushing and seeing that decision through.

2- Persistence – this ties right in with determination.  It is keeping going… until (you get to your goal).  It can take YEARS to achieve some goals. Persistence is a key ingredient for success.

3- Dedication – complete devotion to a task at hand.  Passion will drive dedication.

4- Vision – you have to see where you are headed, see the path out in front before you experience it. Can you see what’s coming? Do you know where you want to be in 3, 5 and 10 years?

5-Goals – ALL Champions have clearly defined goals and continue to put effort into achieving them. 

6 Preparation – Plan, Plan Plan!!! More than just a plan in your mind, a clear definition of strategies to your goals is what the Oxygne staff encourage in our athletic staff and families.

7 Adaptability – the overall ability to move and change to any circumstance or setback. Using Growth Mindset encourages adaptability and flexibility too what life throws at us. (more info about Fixed and Growth mindset in our next Blog).

8 Focus/Alertness – your thoughts lead to your actions.  This is the uncanny ability to create results from your thoughts, your focus turns to instant action. Meditation and visualisation is used within our program to encourage this technique. 

9 Timing/Punctuality – be on time.  Professional athletes, successful business people, champions – they don’t just show up, they show up early and ready!

10 Confidence – this is the gained through knowledge and the other traits on this list.  Confidence within yourself, could confidence in team mates and confidence on your coaches is important.

11 Honesty/Integrity – produced by balance in all areas of your life.  It comes from having no fear; you should not have to bend your integrity to fit different situations.

12 Fearless— this means that we teach our athletes to be willing to try to reach certain goals, and doesn't consider that failure could stop them. We all have failures.

So thats the 12 Quantities that create a champion mindset. There is more that can be added bit this is a recipe for a successful athlete in all areas of life. In unbalance on any of these can great skew your thighs and focus. do a health check on each quality and ensure you have them in harmony with your life. 

if you love this blog share share share and make sure you check back in a s we have more coming. 


Courtney Turton 

Oxygen Owner & All Star Director 

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