Oxygen Dance Classes

Offered in Recreational & Competitive Programs
Explore the urban dance culture with Hip Hop, incorporating popping, locking, and isolations. Discover a dynamic fusion of techniques that bring rhythm and fun.



Available in Recreational & Competitive Programs

Elevate your emotions with Lyrical dance, a fusion of ballet and jazz set to lyrical music. Engage in expressive choreography that includes floor work, agility, and free-ranging movement. 



Available in Recreational & Competitive Programs

Dive into the diverse world of Jazz, a combination of styles from musical theatre arts. Perfect for musical theatre, commercials, and music video clips, Jazz draws technique from ballet. Whether in non-competitive or competitive teams, experience the rhythmic flair of Jazz.



Competitive Program Exclusive

Step into the vibrant world of Kick dance, an energetic style originating in the early 20th century. Characterised by sharp, high-energy movements and powerful kicks, Kick dance infuses elements of jazz, and precision. Exclusive to the competitive program, it features visually striking formations and uniform kicks.



Competitive Program Exclusive

Ignite the spirit of cheerleading with Pom dance, a spirited and visually dynamic form of dance. Featuring lively and synchronised movements, Pom dance incorporates pom-poms to accentuate choreography. Executing sharp and precise motions, dancers engage in jumps, turns, and formations that amplify the overall visual impact.



Refine your skills with RAD ballet, a technical and disciplined dance style. Ideal for enhancing agility, coordination, flexibility, grace, and strength, ballet promotes good posture. Explore both non-competitive and competitive team options to embark on a journey of dance excellence. These classes are used as a compulsory supplement to competitive dance teams.


Acrobatic Classes

Acrobatic Arts at Oxygen represents a dynamic fusion of dance and gymnastics, providing a unique platform for students to develop strength, flexibility, and agility in a creative and expressive manner. Our Acrobatic Arts classes blend elements of traditional dance with acrobatic skills, allowing students to seamlessly incorporate tumbling, balances, and contortions into their routines. Tailored for various skill levels, our classes cater to both recreational enthusiasts and those aspiring to train or sit exams.


Social Skills

Dance classes provide a social outlet for kids. Attending classes regularly can help young children develop their social skills.

Emotional Benefits

Dance can also help to improve children's mental and emotional health. It can also be a great way to relax and use excess energy productively after school.

Educational Development

Dance also offers certain educational or cognitive benefits. Dance exposes students to a combination of movement, music and performance.