Petite Dance Company

Petite Company

Petite Company offers all styles of dance to our babies. Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop, Tap & Acro. 

This program compliments all dance styles and sets your child up for any dance or cheerleading class they may wish to enter once they turn 5 years old (school age). The age groups listed are a guide and children are not limited to these classes.

All children move through the levels at different paces. Petite Company teachers strive to create a fun, friendly experience for all – age and ability does not matter.

This program is for everyone.

Supporting family environment encourages parents and carers to make friends and create new support networks. Our classes provide the opportunity for babies and young children to learn and develop important life skills in a holistic, fun, healthy and safe environment.

Babies 18 months - 2.5 years

The Mummy & Me class introduces little ones to the basics of movement and dance using play and song. Physical and communication skills are used in a fun environment. The children learn movement and expressing themselves with their parent participating in the class. Imagination and movement is the key focus. 

Petites 2.5-4 years

Petite classes encourage children to fuse imagination, dance and song. These classes focuses on confidence and the further physical development of your child through dance in with use of imagination. This class teaches children how to behave appropriately by interacting the teacher and the other children in the class. Children work on routines for the Mid Year and End of Year Concert. 

Tiny 4 - 6 years

The final stage of Petite Company focuses on improving confidence, co-ordination, self control and social skills, and lifting ability to retain short routines in a supportive fun and disciplined environment. Competition Teams can be offered to this age group. Tryouts must be done to be accepted into a Comp Team but everyone makes a team.

Baby Ballet Stars helps children develop their strength and stamina by improving co-ordination, flexibility and range of motion throughout the whole body.

Social Skills

Ballet classes provide a social outlet for kids. Attending classes regularly can help young children develop their social skills.

Emotional Benefits

ballet can also help to improve children's mental and emotional health. It can also be a great way to relax and use excess energy productively after school.

Educational Development

Ballet also offers certain educational or cognitive benefits. Ballet exposes students to a combination of movement, music and performance.

JOIN Petite Company for 2021 to boost your little ones confidence, fitness & dance skills.