CheerSport Program


WHY CheerSport Program is at is such a success! 

Oxygen decided to start CheerSport in 2020 as our NEW Recreational and Semi competitive division aimed at putting the fun back in competitive cheerleading.

CheerSPORT is aimed at attracting athletes that want to do competitive cheerleading but may not have the time, drive, natural ability or financial support to continually progress through elite level cheerleading.

Cheerleading can be your child's Sport it does not have to take over YOUR life… they can still progress into higher levels and they don't need to be stuck in level 1 with beginners every season. 

It was a HUGE success and we now have multiple teams across both QLD and NSW locations. We feel blessed to be able to offer this amazing program as it enabled all ages, all levels and all budgets to enjoy Competition cheerleading. 

CheerSport has been development exclusively by CheerBrandz.

Grades not Levels: A grade system has been designed to distinguish it from Elite Cheerleading while also trying to use a system that encourages athletes to stay with CheerSPORT for multiple years. Recreational cheer can become monotonous and overtime athletes want more of a challenge. CheerSPORT Grades are based on simple progressions, allowing athletes to be able to graduate and move up grades year after year while also staying with the friends they have made in their team.

 * Grade 1 = Equivalent to Level 1 Restricted Stunting * Grade 2 = Equivalent to USASF Level 1

* Grade 3 = Advanced Level 1 Stunting
* Grade 4 = Equivalent to USASF Level 2

 * Grade 5 = Advanced Level 2 Stunting

* Grade 6 = Equivalent to USASF Level 3

 Making it Affordable, Fun, Easy & Sustainable:

Compete! Learn NEW skills! Progress every season! But without the financial strain!! BONUS FOR ALL!

* More Affordable - competition fees are almost half the cost, there is no need for expensive music, no need for choreography fees and no need to practice on a full Spring Floor. By making the routines 1min30 it allows for shorter practices again making the sport more affordable.

* More Sustainable – CheerSport has re-engineered and requirements the scoresheet to create a more sustainable and accessible cheerleading program. 

* Easier – by removing the Elite difficulty & need for Elite Tumble skills on the scoresheet
& simplifying the grades its easier for athletes. You no longer need to have years of cheerleading experience to compete Level 3 USASF equivalent skills you can now gain and compete at a faster pace!

 *Supplement your All Star Training! If you are currently competing in an All Star level 1-2 team and wish to try some harder skills on the comp floor adding a CheerSport team to your schedule is also a great way to get the best both programs!

 *Gala Sport days are coming! Oxygen will be hosting an Annual CheerSport gala day where all our teams come together. This is no different to netball and soccer gala days children may already have experienced. 

*AGES- 4yrs-Adult Age