Oxygen All Stars



Our mission at Oxygen All Stars is to train the fundamentals of all-star cheerleading and dance with an emphasis on participation, education, safety and fun. We provide a space for our athletes where they learn the important values of friendship, teamwork, physical exercise and leadership. While competing athletically at the highest level, we encourage our athletes to respect their competition, coaches, and each other. We have an expectation of our athletes to exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play. We strive to boost our athletes' self esteem by showing them the unconditional belief and support for all they accomplish, both inside our gym and out. We aim to give our athletes a solid direction and inspiration to each athlete through competitive spirit and leadership. We accomplish our mission by continually striving to become better coaches, parents and athletes.

Our Teachings

At Oxygen we are instilling skills into every child & teen they can use now and beyond into there adult life. A Champion Mindset is what we teach. Oxygen coaches and staff proudly embrace all 12 qualities see them below-

1-Determination – firmness of purpose.

2-Persistence – this ties right in with determination.

3-Dedication – complete devotion to a task at hand.

4-Vision – you have to see where you are headed.

5-Goals – ALL Champions have clearly defined goals.

6-Preparation – Plan, Plan Plan!!!

7-Adaptability – the overall ability to move and change to any circumstance or setback.

8-Focus/Alertness – This is the uncanny ability to create results from your thoughts, your focus turns to instant action. Meditation and visualisation.


10-Confidence- Confidence within yourself & Team.


12 -Fearless.

ABOUT Our Success

We are a family owned and operated business established in 2008. Oxygen started in a small church hall running dance & cheer classes to children from ages 6 months to adults. Over the years our business has grown, dramatically in the past 3 years.

We currently hold over 150 National & International Titles across Cheerleading in Australia, Hong Kong, America and New Zealand.

In 2018, we gained a bid to compete at the World Cheerleading Championships in Florida USA. This ranked us 22nd in the World out of over 60 teams. This was Australia's first ever Senior Coed team to ever compete at the World Championships.
Since 2014, Oxygen has travelled across 4 countries competing on an international level, gaining in the top 3 in the world. Along with our competitive program, Oxygen runs a highly successful recreational tumble program and will now introduce dance in 2019. 2020 Our teams where set to Travel to the USA for Worlds & to represent our Country as team Australia.